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Sunday Services

Normally 10:30 am and 6:00 pm

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Worship in a family friendly church - as Lanchester is committed to become - means deliberately and intentionally providing something consistent and user-friendly for everyone.

Every Sunday morning service will normally be accompanied by the worship group, on modern instruments and making full use of the technology and resources available. It will invariably be informal, participative, engaging, and will be both challenging and encouraging. It will aim to address issues which arise on Monday morning (church dispersed) as much as Sunday morning (church gathered). Increasingly, we hope, the planning and preparing of morning worship will be entrusted into the hands of the Lanchester church members, for there is such talent and gift within the congregation which we need to empower and release. Once a month (usually the fourth Sunday) the whole church family stay together for worship - on other weeks our Junior Church leave after 20 minutes to pursue their own faith-developing activities with their leaders. There is a crèche every Sunday morning.

Such vibrant worship isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, of course, so the evening worship each week will be a safe haven for those who like a quieter and more traditional style of worship, with hymns and songs accompanied by our excellent organist and high expectancy that God will speak to us and warm our hearts.

Please come to worship, in whatever style meets your needs and hopes. There is a growing excitement about where God is leading us for we are a church which wants to go deeper, broader, further in worship - and we would love you to be part of that.