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       Kids of God

Lanchester KoG’s is a Christian youth group for people from school year 4 upwards.

KoG’s meet on a Monday evening from 5pm at the church to take part in various activities which include:

Games, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Dancing, Bible Study, Messy Games, Day Trips, Night Trips, Weekend/Weeks away, etc.

KoG’s starts at 5pm for children aged school years 4 to 6 and ends at 6.30p for them. For years 7+ KoG’s starts 6pm and cell starts at 7:30 and finishes at 8:30pm. Both age groups come together at 6:00pm for a 2 course meal.

Subs are £2.00 per week or £22 per term to cover food/activity costs.

For more information contact:

Mervyn - 01207 237161 m.burdon@c-pac.net

Email - kidsofgod@hotmail.com

Website - www.kidsofgod.wix.com/kogs